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The username to enroll is FIRSTNAMELASTNAMELAST4DIGITSSSN           ex:   JOHNDOE1234
The password is firstinitialBIRTHMONTHDIGITSFIRST5DIGITSSN       ex:   j0112345  (initial is lowercase)
TRS Contributing employees and their dependents are either Active Contributing or Declining Coverage
** Important **  Open Enrollment for 2019-2020 is July 1st through August 23rd. New hires have 30 days from their hire date (first day at work) to complete their enrollment. Employees don’t need to do anything if they are not making any changes for the new plan year.  Employees must enroll if they are new, changing their plan, or have had a baby or changed marital status or changed name since last year & did not make the changes within the 31 days of the event.